Alright, so you are probably confused about what is going on with the Citizens Veto of Right-to-Work. There are a lot of moving parts, and an appeal of this ruling has already been filed. That being said, this is something we have planned for all along. We knew the wealthy anti-worker forces would try to silence our voice by violating our constitution. So, the question here is whether or not the signatures we have already gathered are still valid, and what happens if the ballot language gets changed. Luckily, this is a question we have a very sure answer to.

The Secretary of State approved this language for the petition. The Supreme Court recently ruled in a separate case that as long as the ballot language was certified by the Secretary of State, that until the Secretary of State issues new language, we can continue to collect signatures on our current petitions, and that since the Secretary of State certified this language, that all of the signatures we have gathered and will gather until new language is certified are all still valid. That means everything we have gathered will remain valid, no matter if the language changes or not. If that happens we will have to change the petitions moving forward, but the signatures we have already gathered will not be thrown out. The time to put the pedal to the metal is now. Do not let up now. We are going to succeed!