Election Information


In light of all of the recent developments with Right-to-Work in Missouri, we are looking to the November 2018 ballot to remedy this situation. We will be collecting signatures once the petitions are vetted. We will keep all members updated as to when these will be available. If you have additional questions feel free to call the hall and ask.

I have a Felony. Can I vote?

Once you are off of probation and parole you are eligible to vote in Missouri as long as you were not convicted of an election-related offense, such as voter fraud. Questions? Call the hall and ask.

Register to vote

In order to cast your vote to overturn Right-to-Work you must be registered to vote. If you have moved since the last time you registered to vote you must re-register.

Register online here: https://s1.sos.mo.gov/votemissouri/request