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As a member of the St. Louis Construction Laborers', you may be eligible for health coverage. If you work for a contributing employer in St. Louis City or County, contributions are made to the Benefit Office for every hour you work as a laborer. You qualify for coverage by working one (1) quarter with at least 275 working hours in that quarter of covered employment (CE) or 800 hours in four (4) consecutive quarters.

Working Quarter                     Coverage Quarter

Sept., Oct., Nov.   -------------->      Jan., Feb., March

Dec., Jan., Feb.   --------------->      April, May, June

March, April, May  -------------->      July, Aug., Sept.

June, July, Aug.  ----------------->     Oct., Nov., Dec.

St. Louis Laborers' Benefit Office:


Midwest Region Laborers' Health and Safety Fund

The Midwest Region Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund (MRLHSF) was established in 1999 to assist union members and signatory contractors in protecting their welfare on and off the jobsite. The Health and Safety Fund coordinates activities with Local Unions and signatory contractors to increase worker productivity and decrease worker injuries through the creation of a safe, healthier workplace.

If you have questions about the Health and Safety Fund please phone: (217) 522-3293 or(800) 218-2253 or visit the website at

Benefits Welcome Letter: